Join the WAServes Network!

WAServes empowers providers within the network with the technological and informational resources needed to efficiently and effectively guide veterans to the most appropriate services and resources.

WAServes saves time and boosts productivity for Network Providers

WAServes main offering for is a centralized Coordination Center and a searchable database of profiles of veterans and their families. Together these tools essentially simplify the research, review, referral and record-keeping work that would otherwise burden Network Provider employees. Through the Coordination Center and database WAServes offers the following benefits to Network Providers:

  • The centralized Coordination Center handles all referral work, including research and data collection to ensure that Network Members are sent to the most appropriate and convenient Network Providers
  • Research and accurate information on veterans’ eligibility so that Network Providers can more appropriately serve them
  • Centralized records of services received by veterans that all Network Providers can access to prevent redundant services
  • Database of veteran information to allow easy follow-up
  • Data collection on the overall success of veteran services to develop standards and demonstrate achievement to funders
  • Marketing and brand value enhancement through association with the AmericaServes brand

Apply to become a Network Provider today!

We are looking to expand our network with organizations that have the following profile:

  • Provide service of value to veterans and families in the Greater Puget Sound area
  • Proven track record of success
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Ability to meet AmericaServes program requirements

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