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WAServes Provider Tip: Why It’s Important to Close Your Case as a Provider

Eventually, every case must be closed. This lets your client’s Care Team know what happened with the case. As well, each time you close a case, you input data that is useful for your organization and network as a whole.

The amount of time a case remains open is dependent on the service being delivered. Unite Us has created general guidance regarding case closure:

  • Close a case once service has been provided.
  • If the average length of service for your program is longer than three months, you may choose to close the case once you’ve made contact with the client.
  • Do not close a case after one attempt to contact the client – we recommend three attempts before closing a case.
    Once you are ready to close a case, you navigate to the case file in your Dashboard. Then, click the blue Close Case button and choose an outcome that fits the situation.

You will not lose access to this client once their case is closed — you can still view their Face Sheet and the closed case because you have worked with them in the past.

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