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WAServes Newsletter – June 22, 2018

WAServes Newsletter June 22, 2018

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Your WAServes Briefing: Vet Assistance in 3 Steps, Top Referrals & An Employment Success Story 

Military members, veterans, spouses, family member, or caregivers can request assistance from the WAServes Network. Veterans can easily seek veterans’ assistance or veterans benefits without going through state or federal departments of Veterans Affairs. Asking for veterans’ assistance from the WAServes network is as easy as 1-2-3 using our online form. Click here to get help now.You can also call 1-877-515-7848 if you prefer to talk to a WAServes specialist. If you are in crisis, please call the Veteran Crisis Line at1-800-273-8255. Please forward this email to friends or family that may need assistance.
Veterans Assistance is as Easy as 1-2-3
This week’s blog post describes how veterans and spouses can request veterans’ assistance in three simple steps. This article describes the step-by-step online process to ask for help from the WAServes Network. The article also details the comprehensive list of 19 service categories and respective subcategories available for veterans and spouses. Here’s a snapshot of Get Assistance Now process:

  • Step 1: Add your necessary information with email and contact phone number
  • Step 2: Select your military affiliation, current status, and branch of service
  • Step 3: Choose a service you are seeking

Veterans can also call 1-877-515-7848 to speak with a WAServes Care Coordinator. Click here to read the full post. Please forward this email or blog post to a family or friend in need of WAServes help.

Top 3 Service-Category Provider Referrals
Here’s a snapshot of the top three WAServes service-category referrals since early 2017. Employment, Benefits Navigation, Housing & Shelter dominate the WAServes Network client needs.

  1. Employment – 32%
  2. Benefits Navigation – 21%
  3. Housing & Shelter – 18%

Positive Outcomes for Employment: WAServes tracks all outcomes in its client base. Here’s a list of the top clients resolved status: Client Self-Resolved, Employed Full Time, Enrolled, Received Counseling, Received Information, Referred Outside of Network, Serviced by Another Network Provider, and Working with an Employment Provider.

An Employment Success Story
A veteran called the WAServes toll-free phone number 1-877-515-7848 looking for assistance in finding a job. He was unemployed for more than two years while he pursued his higher education. Unfortunately, he had been job hunting for more than six months without success. The client also needed financial assistance to pay rent, legal help with lawsuits over his debts, and help either finding employment or resuming his education.

A WAServes Care Coordinator referred this veteran to its employment partner WorkSource Kitsap County. The Care Coordinator gathered additional information from the client that needed to be completed before meeting with WorkSource Kitsap County.

The client completed the documentation and emailed his resume. The client stated he is fully qualified for GIS, Mapping, and GeoSpatial databases. The client also told the Care Coordinator that he had applied for several jobs, only to be rejected. The client shared he had received financial assistance from the Kitsap County Veterans Fund and Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program Services.

The Care Coordinator provided the client with resume assistance; however, the client chose not to receive support from WorkSource Kitsap County. After receiving WAServes resume assistance, the client was offered full-time employment in Ballard. Today, he is making $19 per hour and worked out a payment plan with his creditors.

Comcast Provides Extensive Military Benefits Package to Attract Top Talent
According to a LinkedIn post “Attracting Top Talent with Generous Military Benefits at Comcast,” Comcast is recruiting from the talent pool of National Guard and Reserves. This company is committed to providing Guard & Reserve and military spouses with significant benefits. Below is the list of  these Guard & Reserve benefits:

  • Guard & Reserve leave: up to 15 days paid time off each year for National Guard, and Reserve required training, in addition to normal paid time off.
  • Differential pay: bridge the gap between pay in the military and pay at Comcast for up to 3 years if called up for active duty.
  • Military concierge service team: assists employees and their families to better understand Comcast’s enhanced benefits and policies for National Guard and Reserve Employees. This team of experts will help navigate the transition between Comcast NBCUniversal and your military duties.
  • Health & welfare benefit plans: keep Comcast NBCUniversal benefits plan for up to three years, includes comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, access to Flexible Spending Accounts, personal health consultants, benefits to support life milestones and more.
  • 401(K) employee stock purchase plan: the ability to contribute to military supplemental pay such as 401(k), Savings Starter and ESPP, and continue to contribute supplemental pay deductions while on leave. 
  • Courtesy services: keep Comcast Courtesy Services while serving (up to 5 years). If in a serviceable area, this includes free digital TV and Internet services as well as deeply discounted phone service and other features.

Click here to learn more about Comcast’s Military Spouse benefits.

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