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Service Case Analysis Identifies Client Needs for Out-Of-Network, Specialized Providers

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  • 2017 service cases across 15 categories
  • Work-in-process cases
  • In network vs. out-of-network cases

Data analysis of the 2017 WAServes service cases identified how out-of-network, specialized providers are needed for service members, veterans, and their families. While it’s preferred to use in-network resources to shorten the time to resolve cases, there are times when the WAServes team must match clients with out-of-network, specialized providers.

2017 Service Categories

The WAServes team analyzed its 2017 services cases. The top three service categories of all 2017 service cases were: (1) 26% – Housing & Shelter; (2) 23% – Employment; and (3) 18% – Benefits. For a complete list, see image below of the distribution of 2017 service cases across service categories.

Work-in-Process Cases

After reviewing the 2017 data, 11% of the 2017 service cases are open, as providers continue to resolve the needs of WAServes clients. These open cases are “work-in-process” (WIP) cases or all the cases that the WAServes network is actively working on at any one time.

WIP Service Categories

Below are the top three categories of WIP cases:

  • 45% – Employment
  • 17% – Housing & Shelter
  • 9% – Individual & Family Support


WIP Source – In Network vs. Out of Network

Ideally, WAServes cases should be resolved within the network of WAServes providers. However, there are times when cases can only be solved using other specialized providers out of the WAServes network. The 2017 open cases have 61% being worked on by WAServes providers and 39% being worked on by out-of-network providers.

WIP In-Network Service Types

62% of In-Network open cases are for Employment requests, 14% are Money Management cases, and 7% of Individual & Family Support needs.

WIP Out-of-Network Service Types

Employment and Housing and Shelter are the two most in-demand services cases. The WAServes team turned to Out-of-Network providers for help with these services. Of the out-of-network open cases, 37% are Housing & Shelter, 19% are Employment, 11% are Individual & Family Support, and 11% are Legal cases.

Out-of-Network Referrals

When the WAServes Coordination Center referred clients out of network, specialized services were required. Here’s a sample of the out-of-network providers helping WAServes clients:

  • Two Disabled American Veterans Organizations
  • Two JBLM legal resources
  • Seven Pierce County Veterans resources
  • Two American Lake VA resources
  • Four Washington State WorkSource locations not in the WAServes network

WIP service case analysis identified how out-of-network, specialized providers are needed for 39% of open cases. While it’s preferred to use in-network resources to shorten the time to resolve a case for a client, the WAServes team matches the specialized providers to help clients. With growing Employment and Housing and Shelter demand, the WAServes team continues to find additional providers to augment in-network ones.

The WAServes team is grateful to all the in-network and out-of-network providers that assist service members, veterans, and their families.

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