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Provider Highlight: WorkSource Thurston County


  • Connecting employers and job seekers through statewide partnerships
  • Understanding WAServes client needs
  • WorkSource Thurston snapshot
  • Understanding WorkSource Thurston client needs
  • Success story

WorkSource Thurston connects employers and job seekers – supporting transitions to new jobs and empowering careers. This WorkSource location is the place to go when WAServes clients need a job or are trying to find a better one.


Washington State’s WorkSource is a statewide partnership of state, local and nonprofit agencies that provide an array of employment and training services to job seekers and employers in Washington. Customers access services electronically through or a network of more than 60 WorkSource centers, affiliates, and connection sites. WorkSource Thurston County is a partnership of multiple organizations dedicated to addressing Thurston County’s employment needs, including:

  • Job listings and referrals
  • Strategies for finding a job
  • Improving your résumé and job-interviewing skills
  • Workshops on effective job-search techniques
  • Job clubs and other networking opportunities
  • Skill assessments and career guidance
  • Referral to training programs
  • Labor market information
  • Resource room with computers, Internet, phones, copier, and fax machine
  • Veteran Representatives

Last year, WorkSource professionals helped over 170,000 workers and nearly 5,600 Washington employers. Studies show that people who use WorkSource services tend to find work faster and earn more money than those who don’t.


Employment is the most significant service type requested by WAServes clients, reflecting 26%. The figure below shows all the WAServes service cases by service type.

WAServes Episodes by Service Type


WorkSource helps thousands of military veterans – including disabled veterans – find jobs each year. Veterans may receive priority referrals to jobs listed with WorkSource, as well as other employment services. WorkSource centers offer veterans and their spouses:

  • Job listings, job referrals and hiring events.
  • Resume, application and interviewing assistance.
  • Use of computers, photocopiers, and phones.
  • Skill assessments and referrals to training and other resources.

WorkSource centers have veteran employment specialists whose job is to help military veterans with disabilities and other severe employment barriers. They’ll assess your skills and interests and put together an employment plan that’s right for each veteran.


WorkSource Thurston’s client base is 83% male and 17% female, and have served in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. Here are additional details regarding the branch and service era of WorkSource Thurston’s client base:

WAServes Thurston Clients by Gender

WAServes Thurston Clients by Military Branch

50% of the WorkSource Thurston clients were Retirees, and 50% are veterans.

WAServes Thurston Clients by Status

50% of the WorkSource Thurston served in the Post 9/11 service era, 17% were Post-Vietnam, 17% Persian Gulf War, and 17% Preferred not to disclose.

WAServes Thurston Clients by Service Era


WorkSource Thurston resolved 67% of its cases, helping veterans pursue employment opportunities and 33% helping them with Benefits.

WAServes Thurston Clients by Service Category


The veteran was self-employed for 20 years. He contacted the WAServes Coordination Center, looking for assistance in finding full or part-time employment. The vet was open to ideas. He would be interested in something administrative or courier service or get a commercial driver’s license if the job requires it.

A WorkSource-Thurston employment specialist invited this veteran to a class specifically designed for veterans discussing verbiage, translation of skills into “civilianese,” and processes employers are using. After connecting with WorkSource Thurston services, the veteran reached out to recommended resources and training:

  • How to write competitive resumes, applications, cover letters, and the processes which employers use to weed out potential candidates as well for selecting them for interviews.
  • How to conduct job search engines, and websites for finding the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make him shine on all the marketing materials used to find his job.

He looked forward to future possibilities, no longer needing follow-up from the WAServes coordination center, working one-on-one personal assistance with his WorkSource case manager. WAServes is grateful for WorkSource Thurston as a vital employment resource for its clients. Most of their employment outcomes have been resolved.

If you are a Veteran, Spouse, or Spouse Survivor and need assistance from Snohomish County Veterans Assistance Program in the WAServes network, click here.

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