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Provider Highlight: Everyone for Veterans


  • Connecting individuals and local businesses to honor low-income veterans
  • Understanding WAServes client needs
  • Understanding Everyone for Veterans client needs
  • Success stories

Connecting Individuals and Local Businesses to Honor Low-Income Veterans

Everyone for Veterans (E4V) is a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization connecting a qualified veteran or family member with a volunteer dentist. E4V also connects other volunteer businesses or individuals in the community with an eligible veteran in the area who needs some services or goods.

After learning that most veterans do not get dental care from the VA, Dr. Cheng founded E4V. Currently, E4V has close to 300 dentists, plus dozens of specialists and dental labs across the United States who have provided volunteer services to our low-income veterans.

Understanding WASERVES Client Needs

E4V has helped WAServes clients with Health, Legal, and Transportation needs. Health, Legal, and Transportation service categories are 11% of all service cases. The figure below shows all the service cases by service type.

Understanding Everyone for Veterans Client Needs

E4V helps veterans and family members if they meet three requirements:

  • Deployed to combat/imminent danger areas
  • Low income
  • Has no dental benefits from the VA (less than 100% disability rating)
  • Spouses of qualified veterans

E4V client base is 100% male, having served in the Army and Navy. Additional details regarding branch and service era from E4V’s client base:

50% of the E4V clients served in the Post 9/11, 25% Vietnam Era, and 25% preferred not to disclose.

E4V Success Stories

E4V has several success stories. For example, E4V received a referral from another WAServes provider Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. The client was seeking dental care in Seattle, WA area. E4V found a pro bono dentist in Seattle for the veteran. A second success story involved a married couple; both were Post 9/11 veterans with four children. This family was displaced from their Section 8 apartment in King County. They were removed from this residence due to the extensive black mold damage that occurred. They needed legal, transportation, food assistance, and help with the cost to clean all their belongings. E4V helped this veteran family by finding a provider from its Wingman Project, resolving most of their issues.

WAServes is grateful to Everyone for Veterans participation in the network. If you are a Veteran, Spouse, or Spouse Survivor and need assistance from the WAServes network, click here. If you are interested in becoming an E4V Wingman, click here.

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