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Success Story: Wounded Warrior Project Seattle Helps Military Spouse with Family Counseling Services

Wounded Warriors Project Seattle

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  • Military spouse concerned about her estranged husband with PTSD reaches out for individual and family support
  • Care Coordinator connects client with the WAServes provider Wounded Warrior Project Seattle
  • Positive resolution for marriage and PTSD counseling

Military Spouse Reaches Out for Counseling

The wife of a Post 9/11-Army Veteran called the WAServes provider Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) for help. She was extremely concerned about her estranged husband, who was deployed and has an honorable discharge. He was experiencing acute ongoing, untreated PTSD. She explained that her husband’s PTSD included violence, anger, and panic.

This woman became a client of the WAServes network that offers transitioning service members, veterans, and their families access to a continuum of providers, including individual and family support. By reaching out to WAServes, her goal was to get help with her husband who needed to continue his PTSD treatment. She wanted to remain safe, exploring possible marriage and PTSD counseling and legal advice.

Connecting Client to Wounded Warriors Project’s Combat Stress Recovery Program

The client explained to the WAServes Care Coordinator that she was extremely concerned about her estranged husband. He was experiencing acute ongoing symptoms from untreated PTSD and pursuing divorce. The client was worried about the safety of children if husband’s anger and violence continue. She needs help with her husband, stay treatment/remain safe and possible marriage counseling and legal advice.

An Individual & Family Support Provider Wounded Warrior Project Seattle (WWP) was selected by the WAServes Coordination Center to respond to the referral. After verifying that the husband was registered with WWP, the WAServes Coordination Center contacted the client, connecting her with WWP and the Combat Stress Recovery Program.

The family was scheduled to start counseling soon. Understanding the client was feeling overwhelmed, trying to care for children, pay bills, and cope with life in general, the WAServes Coordination specialist offered emotional support. An additional WAServes provider called Lines for Life contact number was given to the client in case she just needed extra help.

A secondary need for family counseling was food for herself and children. The client mentioned to the Care Coordinator that she was going to Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to apply for food stamps. The Care Coordinator provided local food banks locations to the client.

Connecting Military Spouse with Counseling Services

Successfully Receiving Private Counseling Sessions

The Care Coordinator followed up with the client. She was in good spirits, explaining that she was starting the following services:

  • Setting up family counseling
  • Receiving food stamps and accessing food banks
  • Working with a legal aid

Although the client was still feeling overwhelmed and under financial stress, she explained how she’s trying to stay positive for her children. The Care Coordinator heard the client’s children laughing and playing in the background, while her husband was assisting the children during the call.

The WAServes Coordination Care Coordinator reiterated to the client that if she needs to talk, she can call the WAServes provider Lines for Life at 1-877-515-7848. Lines of Life has qualified social workers answering phone calls.

This WAServes Individual and Family Support service episode was successfully resolved in two ways:

  1. The client and children received family support; and
  2. The WAServes network ensured the husband’s veterans account was approved by WWP.

WWP’s Combat Stress Recovery Program Team set up the client and children with private counseling sessions.

Offering Veterans and Their Families Access to Continuum of Providers

WAServes offers services and resources to service members, veterans and their families in areas of employment, emergency fund assistance, housing and transportation, education, benefits and legal aid, health and wellness, spiritual and caregiver support, mentoring and even volunteer opportunities.

If you are a Veteran, Spouse, or Spouse Survivor and need assistance from the WAServes network, click here.

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