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The Very Best of the WAServes Blog 2017: Our Top 10

WAServes Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

Here’s a look at the year’s most popular WAServes blog posts.

10. 4 Facts About the WAServes Client Base

The WAServes team summarized its client base by current status, age, service branch, and gender.

WAServes clients by gender

9. Provider Highlight: How WDVA Veterans Benefits Experts Help WAServes Clients in 4 Top Service Categories

WDVA is one of the top 3 network providers along with Work of Honor and St. Vincent de Paul. Tied with St. Vincent de Paul, WDVA is second only to the WAServes Care Coordination Center in helping Veterans, Service Member, and family members across four service categories in the following service categories: Benefits, Housing & Shelter, Individual & Family Support, and Social Enrichment.

WDVA Service Categories


8. Success Story: Wounded Warrior Project Seattle Helps Military Spouse with Family Counseling Services

A military spouse who’s concerned about her estranged husband with PTSD reaches out for individual and family support. A WAServes care coordinator connects a client with the WAServes provider Wounded Warrior Project Seattle, resulting in a positive resolution for marriage and PTSD counseling.

Connecting Military Spouse with Counseling Services

7. Provider Highlight: St. Vincent de Paul is Leading WAServes Housing & Shelter Service Providers

The WAServes network’s leading Housing & Shelter service provider is Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This Catholic volunteer organization works with and advocates for Veterans to secure the services they may be eligible for, regardless of discharge status. St. Vincent de Paul supports Veterans in establishing coping strategies, maintaining resiliency, identifying strengths, transferring skills, and creating a new purpose and a renewed sense of community. St. Vincent de Paul’s client base is both male and female, ranging in age from 26 to 61 years old

St. Vincent de Paul's Client by Age

6.Census Data Can Help WAServes Providers Serve Wartime Veterans

The WAServes team created a snapshot of its service area to understand the veteran population in each of its counties. The team provided Census data for WAServes Counties, WAServes Clients by Service Era, and WAServes Clients by Gender.

WAServes service area Census data by county

5. Provider Highlight: Snohomish County Veterans Assistance Program

SCVAP is one of the top three network providers who has served the most WAServes clients in housing and shelter services, along with St. Vincent de Paul of King County and Seattle and Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. Second, only to WDVA, SCVAP is one of the top providers helping WAServes clients with Benefits. Below is the percentage of SCVAP WAServes clients across these categories:

SCVAP WAServes clients across these categories


4. Dancing with Death to Dancing with the Stars – the Noah Galloway Rise (Part 1 of a 3-part Series)

Michael Schindler had the opportunity to sit with Sgt. Galloway while he was attending the 2017 Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service, the most significant gathering of volunteer, national service and civic leaders in the world to talk “veterans stuff.” What surfaced in this thirty minutes wasn’t how to fix policies or politics, but his “why” – his inspiration for living and his push for a “rebirth.”

Michael Schindler with Sgt. Galloway

3. Network Insights: 5 Characteristics To Understand How WAServes Service Cases Are Resolved

This post summarized the WAServes network referrals, top service categories, and services cases by resolution status.

WAServes cases by resolution status

2. We Analysed the Top 5 WAServes Service Categories and Here’s What We Found

Below is a visual of the top five service categories by Post-9/11 Veterans, Female Clients, Clients Aged 0 to 44 years old, and Clients Aged 45 to 64 years old. Post-9/11 Veterans reflected 15% of all Employment and 14% of Housing and Shelter service cases. 79% of WAServes client base is Male, and only 8% of female clients are requesting Housing & Shelter services.

top five service categories by cohort

1. Provider Highlight: Work of Honor Connects WAServes Clients with Advancement Opportunities

Work of Honor (WOH) is one of 90+ key veteran service providers, spanning the scope of supportive services for veterans and their families in eight counties in the Pacific Northwest service region. WOH’s mission is to create advancement for our veteran and military spouses in knowledge, capability, and careers by shedding light on the value of their talents within the business community.

WOH understands the employment challenges facing veterans, spouses and family members. The WOH team is comprised of seven veterans and eight military spouse employees who are passionate about assisting other veterans and family members in business networking and career advancement opportunities. With this approach to helping veterans, WOH is a high-performing service provider among all WAServes employment providers.

Work of Honor clients by branch of service

The WAServes team wishes you a Happy New Year!

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