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Provider Highlight: Goodwill Olympics and Rainier Region Veteran Services

One of the WAServes network’s leading Employment service provider is Goodwill Olympics and Rainier Region Veteran Services. Goodwill helps people with barriers to employment go to work by providing jobs, job training, educational opportunities and support services to enable employment and job retention. Since 1902, Goodwill’s concept of building job skills has provided people of all ages and backgrounds a chance to succeed.


Goodwill’s Operation GoodJobs provides military veterans and their families with the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. Goodwill military and veteran services employment programs offer the following:

    • Connections with more than 1,400 local employers & a vast network of community service organizations
    • Support from a staff of Veterans and military spouses
    • Job leads and networking opportunities
    • No-cost training opportunities including those leading to certifications
    • Internship opportunities at local, state and federal agencies
    • One-on-one resume and cover letter assistance, LinkedIn professional online profile creation, and personalized elevator speech
    • Financial supportive services directed towards employment
    • Hiring events—giving you the inside track to hiring managers


Goodwill serves transitioning military members, Reservists, National Guard Members, Veterans of all eras and ranks, military and veteran spouses, and dependents under 25 living with a veteran or military sponsor.


Employment is the largest service type requested by WAServes clients, reflecting 28% of all service cases tied with Housing and Shelter. The figure below shows all the service cases by service type.


Goodwill Olympics and Rainier Region Veteran Services SNAPSHOT

Goodwill understands the employment challenges facing veterans, spouses, and family members, and provides ongoing case management to veterans to ensure a smooth transition back to civilian life. Goodwill ensures that all transitioning servicemen, family members, and area veterans network with more than 70 employers and 14 veteran service and training organizations in the region.

With this approach, this program is a high-performing service provider among the 35 WAServes employment providers, having worked with 6% of all employment services cases, third only to the Work of Honor and WorkSource Pierce.


Goodwill’s client base is 80% male and 20% female, ranging in age from 65 to 81 years old, and have served in all branches of the military. Additional details regarding branch and service era from Goodwill’s client base:

  • 20% Air Force
  • 60% Navy
  • 20% Army

  • 40% Post-Vietnam (5/8/1975-8/1/1990)
  • 20% Persian Gulf War (on or After 8/2/1990)
  • 20% Unknown
  • 20% Prefer Not to Disclose

CONNECTING WASERVES CLIENTS WITH Employment & Training Opportunities

WAServes is grateful for Goodwill and its Operation GoodJobs program as a vital resource to reduce homeless for its clients. All their employment outcomes have been predominately positive – most clients who enrolled in their program have found employment in a new career. Clients are pursuing new opportunities by interviewing with potential employers.


Serving America’s Military Families