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The WAServes Q2 In-Progress Review – Seeking Provider Engagement


  • Who are are the WAServes Clients?
  • Demand for Services
  • Referral Spotlight: A Housing and Shelter, Low-Touch Case
  • Next Steps – Provider One-on-One Meetings

Who are the WAServes Clients?

The WAServes team met with participating WAServes network providers to review the current state and health of the network. Below is a snapshot of WAServes clients demographics from soft launch in February 2017 through August 2017.

Demand for Services

There were 73 providers and 127 practitioners in the WAServes network through August 2017. 16 out of 73 providers made referrals into the WAServes network, while 50 providers received a referral. Below is a summary of the demand for services.

Referral Spotlight: A Housing and Shelter, Low-Touch Case

Here’s a highlighted, client profile shared during the WAServes In-Progress Review: Male, Post-Vietnam Army Veteran, Age 48 who was seeking stable housing.

  • 9/15: The Client is referred into the network for Housing & Shelter by Operation Military Family Cares. The same day, the Coordination Center accepted the referral, called the client,
    completed intake, and sent a referral to St. Vincent de Paul to help him move from transitional to stable housing.
  • 9/19: St. Vincent de Paul accepted the referral and reached out to the client.
  • 9/20: The Coordination Center called the client to check in, and to verify he was still safe.
  • 9/22: St. Vincent de Paul facilitated a meeting for the client with the VA’s Housing and Community Resources office in Renton. The client was assessed for housing and granted a VASH.
  • 10/5: St. Vincent de Paul closed the client’s case.

Outcome: Veteran received permanent housing. A provider referred a client to the network for services beyond its scope. The Coordination Center was able to work with another in-network provider to assist the veteran, and the referring provider was able to follow the real-time resolution.

Next Steps – Provider One-on-One Meetings

The WAServes team thanks the providers that attended this week’s in-progress review meeting. The WAServes team will meet 1-on-1 with a point of contact for each provider. Our goals are to:

  • Keep registration form information current
  • Buy-in at all levels of your organization
  • Ensure licenses and training are up to date for the appropriate staff members
  • Become an ambassador to other providers
  • Receive ongoing feedback on progress

The WAServes team looks forward to meeting with each provider to discuss network participation. WAServes encourages you to make at least one referral in the next 30 days, or reach out to get retrained or relicensed if you need a refresher!

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