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WAServes Network Participation Snapshot: Housing and Shelter Providers

WAServes – Greater Puget Sound is a coordinated network of public, private and non­profit organizations serving service members, veterans, and their families in the Greater Puget Sound area. This network guides veterans and their family members to the most appropriate services and resources available to help resolve their requests.

WAServes Service Categories

Below shows the distribution of providers across WAServes service categories.

Offering More than One Service

68% of the WAServes housing providers offer two to nine other services to veterans and family members. In addition to housing for veterans and family members, 32% of housing providers specialize in housing alone. The figure below reflects the distribution of providers’ service offering.

Three Tiers of Housing Providers

There are 28 housing providers in the WAServes network. 33% of the WAServes network service cases were for housing needs for veterans and their family members. While 33% of these cases are closed, there are 32% still open. 27% of all referrals come from the WAServes provider network to the Coordination Care Center.

There are three tiers of housing providers. Tier 1 providers are power users, having seen 10 or more housing service cases from February through July 2017. Tier 2 providers have seen one to nine cases or referrals during the same period. Tier 3 housing providers are inactive and comprise 14% of all WAServes providers. The figure below displays the percentage of all WAServes cases and referrals by housing providers.

Within the housing provider group alone, the 57% of housing providers are Tier 2, seeing up to nine cases from February through July 2017. 36% of the housing providers are inactive in the WAServes network.

The WAServes staff is generating Provider Pulse Reports for each provider’s WAServes network participation from February through July 2017. The WAServes staff is working on activating providers in the WAServes network by identifying possible trends, challenges, or issues that may prevent inactive providers from participating in the network.

While it’s too early to draw conclusions from the first six months of data, WAServes can use this service request information to recruit additional providers to the WAServes network. WAServes will conduct its first “In Progress Review” (IPR) in September 2017.

After this review, WAServes will have comprehensive findings of its clients and service requests, services in demand, and network provider growth and engagement. The WAServes staff is proud to be part of the AmericaServes national network, working with its 76 Washington State network providers in the Greater Puget Sound area.

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