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Network Insights: 5 Characteristics To Understand How WAServes Service Cases Are Resolved

WAServes – Greater Puget Sound is a coordinated network of public, private and non­profit organizations serving service members, veterans, and their families in the Greater Puget Sound area. This network guides veterans and their family members to the most appropriate services and resources available to help resolve their requests.


87% of WAServes network service requests are self-referrals coming directly from clients through the WAServes website and the toll-free phone number at 1-877-515-7848. 13% of service requests are coming from WAServes providers.
Service Case Source

Top Service Categories

WAServes Care Coordinators strive to find an appropriate local resource to meet client requests. The Greater Puget Sound area consists of the following eight counties: King, Snohomish, Island, Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Mason and Lewis.

Below are the types of service requests in ranking order, coming through the WAServes Care Coordination Center and the toll-free telephone number.
Top WAServes Service Cases

Service Case by Resolution Type

61% of all WAServes service cases have been resolved. 22% of the service cases were not resolved, while 17% are open, currently being worked on by WAServes providers and Coordination of Care Center.

WAServes Service Case by Resolution Type

Cases Not Resolved

63% of the Not-Resolved cases were due to WAServes providers unable to contact the client. The second driving contributor was “Other” due to various reasons, see below for a sample of “other” reasons:

  • Referred to Thurston County for assistance.
  • The veteran did not show for scheduled appointment.
  • Referred to another provider more suited to veteran’s needs.
  • This veteran has the means and the contacts to resolve her housing issues on her own.
  • Client does not meet requirements for services.
  • No reply to SMS for consent. Three requests sent.
  • Left message to contact program, no response.
    WAServes Cases Not Resolved by Reason

Service Cases by Resolution Summary

Below is a visual of the top ten service categories by resolution type. The top three resolved cases are 86% for food, 78% Clothing & Household Items, and 72% for Individual & Family Support and Legal services.

The top three not-resolved cases are 45% Transportation, 44% Utilities, and 22% Legal services.

The top three current open cases are 26% Benefits, 25% for both Employment and Education, and 15% Housing & Shelter service cases.

Services Cases by Resolution Summary
While it’s too early to conclude from the first six months of data, WAServes can use this service case information to recruit additional providers into the WAServes network.

WAServes will conduct its first “In Progress Review” (IPR) in September 2017. After this review, WAServes will have overall findings of its clients and service requests, services in demand, and network provider growth and engagement. The WAServes staff is proud to be part of the AmericaServes national network, working with its 76 Washington State network providers in the Greater Puget Sound area.

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