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WorldWater Trains U.S. REF on How to Deploy New Stand-Alone Water Purification System


WorldWater & Solar Technologies’ Vice President of Operations Michael Ingles recently trained a number of military personnel at the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force’s (REF) headquarters in Fort Belvoir, Virginia on how to use WorldWater’s MiDAS (Miniature Deployable Assistance Systems) unit, a stand-alone water purification system for salt and fresh water sources. The unit includes solar panels to generate energy for communications and battery backup and has been used to assist small military teams or local responders in a wide variety of missions including humanitarian assistance/disaster relief and operations in remote areas.

“It’s one thing to develop a piece of equipment that works well in the lab, and it’s another thing to develop a piece of equipment that works well in the field,” says Ingles, who also noted that their equipment is “designed to withstand different environmental factors: dry, dusty conditions, salt environments and beyond.”

WorldWater & Solar Technologies is a New Jersey-based solar technology company that designs and builds special clean water and solar products for usage by the U.S. Army and the Marines. Since 1984, WorldWater has provided viable solutions for solar electric power and water crises globally, including patented solar-powered systems that can provide electric power as well as pump hundreds of thousands of gallons per day from lakes, rivers and deep wells for irrigation and municipal water supply. The company also produces and installs stand-alone, portable water filtration technologies that can desalinate brackish or seawater along with up to 30,000 gallons of polluted fresh water into clean water per day for drinking, cooking, and hygiene.

MiDAS units are currently used by the U.S. Army AFRICOM (Africa Command), the PACOM (Pacific Command) and the SOUTHCOM (Southern Command). The U.S. Military also has deployed WorldWater’s PEAK (Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kits™) units in Honduras, which are stand-alone units that purify and desalinate up to 1,500 gallons/day of drinking water from virtually any source.

Find more information about WorldWater and the MiDAS unit here.

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