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“Redefining Your Future” Event Helps Women Transitioning From the Military

Founder and CEO Shellie Willis worked for the last 3 and half years in workforce development with a focus on veteran’s initiatives. She found that many service members need guidance or a strong sense of direction on what the next move should be after serving our country.

Service Women in the Military

Many service women don’t realize that they’re a highly underrepresented demographic among Veterans. Shellie wanted to create a movement and a community that would continue to educate and empower our service women to and through the transition process by building a community of connectors offering everything from life coaching, lifestyle, branding, health and wellness, financial readiness and more.

Helping Service Women Shift into their Next Phase in Life

Shellie built a community called Redefining Your Future. This community helps service women define themselves and shift into their next phase in life.

“Redefining Your Future is a community for service women transitioning out of the military. It is a community which provides access to local, regional and national resources. Being “redefined” means SHIFTING your thinking and lifestyle to the next phase in life!”

Redefining Your Future Symposium

Redefining Your Future is hosting an event at Joint Base Lewis-McChord on September 6 and 7 to help transitioning women, women veterans, and military spouses shift into their next phase in life.

Women Transitioning from Military Event

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