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Provider Highlight: Work of Honor Connects WAServes Clients with Advancement Opportunities

WAServes – Greater Puget Sound is one of eight AmericaServes networks across the country, with twelve scheduled to be online by 2017. Work of Honor (WOH) is one of 75 key veteran service providers, spanning the scope of supportive services for veterans and their families in eight counties in the Pacific Northwest service region.

WOH’s mission is to create advancement for our veteran and military spouses in knowledge, capability, and careers by shedding light on the value of their talents within the business community.

WOH is a community of veterans, military spouses and business professionals committed to combining best-in-class business and military operational strategies to enhance the economic strength and competitiveness of our nation. WOH enables talented individuals to connect with one another and the business community, to share knowledge and experience.

Understanding WAServes Client Needs

Employment is the second largest service type requested by WAServes clients, reflecting 29% of all service cases. The figure below indicates the distribution of closed cases across 16 service types.

Work of Honor Snapshot

WOH understands the employment challenges facing veterans, spouses and family members. The WOH team is comprised of seven veterans and eight military spouse employees who are passionate about assisting other veterans and family members in business networking and career advancement opportunities. With this approach to helping veterans, WOH is a high-performing service provider among the 13 WAServes employment providers:

  • WOH has worked with 27% of all employment services cases, second only to the WAServes Coordination Center.
  • WOH averages 16.87 days to resolve a client’s case.
  • WOH has achieved an 88% positive outcome rate in addressing WAServes employment needs.

Understanding WOH Clients

WOH clients are predominately male, ranging in age from 25 to 54 years old and have served in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Additional details from the WOH veteran-client bases:

  • 88% of WOH clients are veterans, and 12% are military spouses.
  • 53% are from the Post 9/11 (on or After 9/11/2001) and 24% Persian Gulf War (on or After 8/2/1990) service era.

WOH Clients by Gender and Age

WOH Clients by Branch of Service

Connecting WAServes Clients with Advancement Opportunities

WAServes network members have access to WOH’s job opportunities, business network, community members, networking events, speaker series and information related to operations and business efficiency.

WAServes is grateful for WOH’s participation in the network. WAServes members referred to WOH have access to employment opportunities within the WOH community of over 3,200 veterans and military spouses.

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